Welaregang Wagyu

Sustainably raised, grass-fed and chemical free beef

A Global Focus

We source the best genetics worldwide and export our premium beef to the growing markets of Asia and beyond.

Forward Thinking

We use the best of science, technology and environmental management to grow a healthy, vigorous and sustainable product.

Wise Investment

Adding wagyu to your herd can bring a superior dividend for primary producers. Improve your bottom line and access new markets at home and abroad.

Customer Satisfaction

Our beef delivers a superior eating experience because it’s all raised without chemicals, hormones or Omega-6 polyunsaturates.

Our Story

Welaregang has two meanings in the local Aboriginal language; Deep Water Hole and Mustering Place.

We are situated at the headwaters of the Murray River with four properties altogether in Victoria and New South Wales where our family has farmed since the 1860s. It’s a region of pristine air and water and outstanding natural beauty with the Great Dividing Range as a backdrop. Here we raise our wagyu cattle to produce vigorous high marbling beef using the top genetics available. All our animals are grass-fed with no hormones or chemical inputs. We also run a herd of hardy boer goats for natural weed control. 

Graeme Jephcott

Graeme Jephcott

Principal, Genetics and Breed Plan

Graeme has a special passion for genetics and developing the wagyu herd to include the best attributes to produce prime beef. As a result of careful breeding this has resulted in cattle of greater frame size & milk production, Off the farm, Graeme takes a keen interest in sport, community affairs and the family’s collection of conifers in their private arboretum.

Max Jephcott

Max Jephcott

Principal, Infrastructure Management

Max is a naturally gifted farmer. His skills with stock, machinery, and other infrastructure are an invaluable asset to the running of the farm. Together with his brother they manage the daily operation and advance the development of their wagyu herd and improving the performance of their pastures. Off-farm, Max is an avid sports fan, tennis player and amateur cook.

Lois Jephcott

Lois Jephcott

Principal, Business Manager

Lois grew up in a farming family and has been involved with beef and dairy cattle all her life. She and her husband Edwin raised their children on the property at Welaregang and passed management and future development of the farm to two of their sons in the late 1980s.