A Tradition Of Family Farming

L, M & G Jephcott Partnership

This is Our Story


Our family has been farming at Welaregang for more than five generations of Jephcotts. Our ancestors arrived here in 1864 from the Midlands of England via Brisbane where Edwin Jephcott helped establish the new city’s botanic gardens. Over that time it’s been a mix of beef and dairy, different breeds including the iconic Murray Grey and Angus.

We introduced Wagyu into our herd over twenty-five years ago when the breed was met with a lot of skepticism by traditional farmers. Today we run a full-blood Wagyu herd (Shimane, Tajima, Tottori (Kedaka) ) on a diet of native and perennial grasses in some of the cleanest grazing country in Australia. Our bloodlines are chosen for marbling, frame size and genetic variation. 



In December 2009, a fast-moving bushfire burnt our New South Wales property as well as most of our neighbours. Again in January 2020 our two Victorian properties were scorched by bushfires. While recovery has been long and difficult, we’re moving ahead making improvements to paddocks, yards and machinery. Our foundation genetics are intact and producing impressive full-blood cattle for ourselves and breeders who want diversity and results in their herds.

Off-farm we take an active part in community life, contributing to service clubs and groups to sustain and improve the quality of life in rural Australia.

About Our Logo

Welaregang Wagyu logo
We gave the concept of our logo some deep and considered thought. It had to be bold and memorable, representative of what we do and express the difference in our approach to raising cattle. We have included the Japanese kanji for ‘cattle’ in recognition of the heritage of our breed. The two cattle heads coming together to form a W also represent the two brothers Graeme and Max who are farming together and producing clean, sustainable and hormone-free breeding and commercial animals.

We want to acknowledge and thank Lianne Côté of Côté Design for her thoughtful and symbolic representation of us and our values.