The end of September and we’re saying hello to spring and farewell to a couple truck loads of our F1 & F2 wagyu steers and heifers. It was a busy month putting six different paddocks of animals through the yards to weigh, drench and confirm all ear tags with NLIS numbers but we finally got there! Over sixty steers are heading to the quarantine feedlots before their final destination, China.

We’ll have a few empty paddocks now which gives the grass time to grow for hay and silage. The remaining F1 & F2 who weren’t up to market weight will have the chance to agist and fatten for sale in a couple months. With current prices for all livestock, it’s good to see all farmers able to sell making good money. We’re especially pleased at the market rate for Wagyu and being able to supply a hungry export clientèle.

Still, there’s no rest for us. Fewer animals to manage (until calving starts) means all the other jobs like checking dams and pipelines, mending fences and planning the next joining season will keep us very busy.