Australian Wagyu Association Conference

Conveniently close to home, Max and Graeme are attending the annual Australian Wagyu Association conference in Albury NSW. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with colleagues, friends and other farmers who are driving change in the industry,  innovating to suit the changes in both the market and the climate. Every year there is something new to learn that helps us improve our practice so that the beef you buy is better and better.

We are particularly excited with the new opportunities and collaborations possible thanks to months and years of dedicated breeding and herd improvement. Not only are our polled pure breds getting noticed by some important players, we have discovered through the DNA testing regimes at AWA and the University of New England that some prime genetics from a stand-out sire are free of a recessive gene. It can seem a bit Franken-science to outsiders, but what it means for the average person is that potentially damaging traits will not be passed on from father to child, increasing the breeding value of the progeny and giving the breeder the performance results he or she wants.

It’s an exciting time for Wagyu. The demand in the export and domestic markets just keeps growing as more and more people discover the unbelievable eating experience, whether you like your Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki or just a fair-dinkum Aussie steak on the barbie. The tenderness, healthy fats and flavour never fails to impress. And yes we did say healthy fats. Wagyu marbled fat melts at a lower temperature (about 28°C) so it renders out while cooking leaving only juicy tasty beef.

If you’re attending the conference, come see us and say G’day. And if you’ve stumbled on our post, why not connect? Send us an email. Just click here.