Why Wagyu?

A Breed Apart

Wagyu, the Japanese breed are renowned for their high marbling quality that sets them apart from other cattle. Their body shape is non traditional in that they have smaller rumps than other breeds, however they put muscle mass on the prime cuts where there is more value. Calves are usually smaller, making birthing for first-time moms much easier. They have a milder temperament and perform well in feedlots. The carcass has a higher dress weight than conventional cattle resulting in better returns from the farm gate or long-fed conditions.

The Wagyu Association is a breed leader in providing a complete DNA database of all Sires and Dams from registered members, allowing breeders and producers to cross-reference and coordinate their BreedPlan for optimal performance.

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The Benefits

The marbling quality of Wagyu translates into the most flavoursome and tender beef. Marble scores which register the ratio of inter-muscular fat in a carcass play a role in the market price of Wagyu. Highly marbled meat in the 7-9 (Australian) range is usually served as a premium product in top restaurants. The fat content in wagyu delivers incredible flavour, but has a lower melting point than other beef at 28°C so it is easily processed during digestion.

Differences in grass-fed and grain-fed carcasses are illustrated in the fat colour with grass-fed having a yellower complexion. This means a higher Omega-3 content (an essential fatty acid) which is vital for a healthy diet. Grain fed beef has whiter fat and is purely an æsthetic choice. Either way you’ll notice the taste when you eat Wagyu, it just melts in your mouth.

Read More From the Australian Wagyu Association

Full Blood & Pure Bred

Wagyu breeders may focus on either full-blood or pure-bred in their operation. At Welaregang Wagyu, we’re doing both. We are also producing homozygous polled pure-breds with a growing number of bulls, heifers and cows.

Full Blood Wagyu

Visit the dedicated page for genetic specifics on our Shimane and Tajima full-bloods.

Pure Bred Wagyu

Visit the dedicated page for genetic specifics on our Shimane and Tajima cross pure-breds.